Tunçel Silikon was founded in 1991 in Ankara. It produced  all kind of industrial silicone parts. As there was no silicone products maker in Turkey, all medical silicone products had to be imported with high prices and unpratical. So, it began the productions of this product with a Class 10.000 room.
All products are produced for medical purpose has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, long term quality, resistance to embolism, fat, blood, urine, medical solution and low stimulation.
Our products are sold as OEM in Turkey. We aim to sell our products all over the world with ISO 13485 and EEC certificates. Our products have successfully passed all the tests, 5 years shelf time and there sterility this period. Tuncel Silikon is one the leading enterprise producing medical silicone products in Turkey.

Our Vision

At medical area  producing best high quailty silicones in Turkey, aiming to sustainability as first preference of costumers with service and product quailty, contribute to more conscious society with adopting our education, health ,historical and environment values in our country.

Our Mission

  • Our business is in medical sectors; respect to indiviual and soicety; adopted to  law, economic and moral principle; responsible to health, security and environment; and fullfill  Tuncel Silicone costumer’s and staff’s demands.

Our Clients


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