Additionally, Mr Tuncel will offer his professional consulting services to the medical and surgical equipment buyers and sellers to their buying and selling process to high-quality, safe, hygienic and with fairly prices medical and surgical equipment as well as silicone products are produced for medical purpose has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, long term quality, resistance to embolism, fat, blood, urine, medical solution and low stimulation.

The consulting services on medical and surgical equipment Mr Tuncel will provide are listed below;

  • Resolution of disputes regarding medical and surgical equipment quality or practises
  • Review of project details or specifications related to medical and surgical equipment
  • Technical documentation preparation and review

Moreover, Mr Tuncel stands ready to offer his clients an unprecedented level of service and personalized solutions, including:

  • Specialized product expertise
  • Case planning assistance
  • Step-by-step procedural guidance
  • Product ordering and shipment tracking


Mr Tuncel will supply high-quality medical and surgical equipment and tools in various forms like Single Use Sterile Drain, Non-Sterile Suction Hoses and Silicone Medical Components, Blood Pressure Monitors, ECG Machines, Laboratory Equipment, Living Aids, Stethoscopes, Thermometers, Respirators, Knee and Hip Prothesis and Dental Implants etc for Practice Managers, Hospitals, GP Surgeries and Primary Care Organisations, Healthcare Facilities, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers and as well as domestic house and individuals in the UK and other European countries.

The products determined by Mr Tuncel are listed as follows;


❖ Single Use Sterile Drain, Non-Sterile Suction Hoses and Silicone Medical Components

o Medical Flat Drains

o Medical Penrose Drains

o Medical Straight Drains

o Medical Redon Drains

o Medical Thorax Drains

o Medical Blake Drains

o Medical T Drains

o Medical Silicone Hoses

o Medical Silicone Suction Hoses

o Medical Silicone Pressure

o Compatibility Silicone with Medical and Implant Grade

❖ Medical Equipment

o Activity Monitors

o Aspirators and Suction Pumps

o Audiometry

o Autoclaves and Sterilisation

o Blood Pressure Monitors

o Medical Bags

o Defibrillators

o Dispensers

o Dopplers

o ECG Machine, Paper & Accessories


o Laryngoscopes

o Medical Lighting

o Ophthalmology

o Otoscopy and Ophthalmology

o Pulse Oximeters

o Refrigeration, Blood Banks & Vaccine Transport

o Respiratory Care

o Scales and Height Measures

o Stethoscopes

o Syringe Driver

o Thermometers

o Spirometers

o Specimen Transport Containers


❖ Surgical Instruments

o Applicators

o Dental Instruments

o ENT Instruments

o Forceps

o Gynaecology Instruments

o Laryngoscopes

o Opthalmic Instruments

o Probes

o Colo-Rectal and Colo-Proctology

o Chiropody/Podiatry

o Retractors

o Scalpels, Blades & Handles

o Scalpel Blades Disposal

o Scissors

o Specula – Nasal

o Sponge & Needle Holders

o Surgical Supplements

o Trocar and Cannula

o Vasectomy Instruments

o Dissectors

o Instrument Packs

❖ Dental Equipment & Implants

❖ Prosthesis

❖ Orthopaedic Reconstruction

o Joint replacement systems for knees, hips and shoulders

❖ Others Medical


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